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Shenmo Abacus Museum
2013-12-04 09:54:27

Shenmo Abacus Museum, located in Huairou District, Beijing City, is a comprehensive abacus museum combined with collection, research and exhibition. By now, the museum has collected more than 400 abacus books, and more than 1,000 abacus and artwares at different times around the world. The abacuses include different varieties with different material from the regular copper and wood, to the superior material of gold, silver, ivory, jade, agate, ceramic, rosewood, sandalwood, cloisonné, etc. and different shapes and sizes with the longest to 6 meters and the smallest to 1 centimeter that can only be worked by needles. Some pretty rare treasures can also be found here, such as the decoration on daily accessories of rings, pen vases, necklaces, pendants and cap badge, etc. manifesting that abacus culture has been existing around everywhere of our life.
The Museum has a significant meaning to the protection and inheritance of abacus culture, research to abacus development history and the promotion of abacus knowledge, providing a place for domestic and overseas experts and abacus amateurs to visit and study, which will become an important witness for people to learn about Chinese traditional abacus culture and its historic process.