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Shenmo Significant Events of 2013

The large-scale training activity of “Long March for Education” strategy of first-tier Shenmo teachers planned by Shenmo Headquarter was officially launched.

The education lecture “Nature Education-- Realizing A Brilliant Future for Children” was held in Linyi City.


Principal Mianjun Li of Shenmo was selected to be the member of the CPPC of Shandong Province.

The Party newspaper United Daily News of Shandong Province had a special report for Shenmo.

In order to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Shenmo, a large-scale essay activity of “I’m the angle in children’s life”


The book Shenmo Generating Positive Energy was published.

Shenmo cultural songs “I Am A Shenmo Teacher” and “Collection of Shenmo Songs” were launched.

Shenmo 27th Headmaster Summit and Shenmo 15th Anniversary Celebration were held in Jinan City, Shandong Province.

Shenmo Education donated 153,052 yuan to earthquake striken area of Ya’an.


The Shenmo Development Case was recorded in the EMBA case of Peking University.

The first Teaching Innovation Competition of nationwide Shenmo teachers was brought to a successful close.


The Final of the 4th “Shenmo Cup” Little Mental Arithmetic Doctor International Tournament was held in Beijing.

America Academy for Neuroscience and Shenmo Education had a third forum for studying benefit of abacus mental arithmetic learning to children.


Shenmo Lecture-- thousands of public benefit lectures for millions of families nationwide was launched.

2013-2028 Shenmo Strategic Development Blue Paper and the design of blueprint were finished.


Accompanied by the Chairman Xianjue Ding of China Association of Abacus, overseas Chinese teachers from eight countries of United States, Burma, Italy, Thailand, Portugal, Indonesia, and the Philippines paid a visit to Shenmo Abaci Museum.

The 4th Children Eloquence Competition was successfully held at the Media Studio of CCTV station.


“Realizing Our Chinese Dream Together-- Shenmo Teacher Show of ethnic minorities” was launched.

In order to commemorate the 2564th anniversary of birth of Confucius, more than 500 headmasters of Shenmo gathered in Beijing to study Confucian culture.

Experimental plan in nationwide Shenmo Teacher Further Education Institutes was launched.

Special training meetings for Shenmo supervisors were completely launched.


Members of the Review Committee of “the U.S. Governmental Commendation Award” and the Sino American Culture Performance Exchange Association came all the way to Shenmo Headquarter and some of the branch schools of Yunnan Province to inspect.

Mr. Mundell the father of the euro and winner of the Nobel Economics Prize came to visit Shenmo Abaci Museum.

Shenmo Branch School of Burma successfully held the Second Championship of Mental Arithmetic Little Doctors.

Shenmo provincial inspection groups were launched in Hunan, Henan and Fujian.

Shenmo second entrepreneurship meetings were launched in Hengshui and Mianyang.


Principal Mianjun Li of Shenmo won the 2014 “U.S. Governmental Commendation Award” and attended America to receive award.

Headmaster Mianjun Li gave a speech on the International Education Forum held in Confucius Institute of America.

Shenmo International expert adviser group was established, with the members including Mr. Mundell the father of the euro, President Lilly Cheng the director of Chinese Studies Institute, Kevin Lee the Sino American Cultural Exchange Ambassador and Ms. Rosemary American education expert, etc.

Shenmo (International) Headquarter and international teaching base were established in California, United States.

Anthony Chua (Philippine) was appointed to be the vice president of Shenmo (International) in Asian-Pacific region.

Celebration of 5th Anniversary of Shenmo (United States) branch school was held in San Diego.


Shenmo set a plan to set up 100 Abaci Museums worldwide—celebration to success of abacus arithmetic in the application for Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Shenmo and Confucius Institute reached a strategic cooperation intention.

International education experts of United States and Spain attended Linyi Teaching Base to inspect and visit.

Shenmo International Website (www.shenmo.us) was launched.

Chinese and English versions of Shenmo Education International Periodical were published.

Collected works of Wise Disposition and Upright Character was published (written by Meishan Hu and Mianjun Li).

Party branch of Shenmo (Beijing) Headquarter was established.

Shenmo Teacher Training “Long March of Education” was brought to a successful close, with the journey of more than 150,000 kilometers, covering more than 30 provinces and 200 cities