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Shenmo International Study Mission to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan Ended Successfully

2018-06-19 丨

The writer is from the Ministry of culture development

From May 25th to June 3rd, 2018, under the leadership of President Mianjun Li, a 14-member Shemo International study mission visited and conducted field research in Astana, Kazakhstan and two cities in Kyrgyzstan, Almaty and Bishkek. The fruitful results of this field research promoted the long-term development of Shenmo in Central Asia and even the world. In order to reflect the significance of this visit and show the internationalization of Shenmo in a goood way, we hereby summarize the top ten results of the visit.

1 The Joint Teacher Training of Shenmo Abacus Mental Math Was Successfully Held

In order to promote the overall coordinated development of Shenmo Education in Central Asia, 6 senior teachers from Kyrgyzstan conducted teaching training of abacus mental math for 6 new teachers in Kazakhstan on May 27th. At the same time, General Pincipal Mianjun Li, Pincipal in Myanmar Shenmo Chunming Xu and Headmaster Yunmei Sun of Shenmo Linyi school shared the Shenmo school-running model and the operation experience of the franchised school with the teachers.

About the understanding of the abacus mental math, Dr. An, from Kyrgyzstan Shenmo school, believed that studying the abacus mental math is not only the means to improve computing power, but also the process of training focus, developing mentality and inspiring wisdom. It is the development of children's talent that benefits people endlessly. 

The functions of abacus mental math can work because of the children's talent, as well as the factors of teachers and the teaching. Only serious and responsible teachers can fully develop the child's talent. The abacus mental math has academic value. It can promote left brain and right brain to develop in a balance way by cultivating children to practice right and left hands at the same time.

We live in an era of high-speed information integration and development.  After 20 years, people face more information and problems. We cannot teach every child how to cope with all the problems in their lives, but can cultivate them to solve problems in a good attitude and proper skill (mental mode).

2 The 3rd Shenmo Kyrgyzstan Little Scholars Abacus Mental Math Competition was held in Bishkek 

On May 31st, the 3rd Shenmo Kyrgyzstan Little Scholars Abacus Mental Math Competition was held in Bishkek, the capital city of Kyrgyzstan. 290 Shenmo students from Chuy region, Djalal-Abad region, Naryn region, Issyk-Kul region and Bishkek city took part in the competition.

The competition was highly valued by local government and media in Kyrgyzstan. The Shenmo General Principal Li, local government officials and related guests attended the competition and addressed in the oppening ceremony.

3 The Shenmo Study Mission Was Invited to Visit the Ministry of Education of Kyrgyzstan

Shenmo study mission visited the Ministry of Education of Kyrgyzstan on May 31st, 2018. On the same day, Gulmira Kudaiberdieva, Kyrgyzstan’s Minister of Education, Almaz Toktomametov, deputy dean of the Academy of Education of the Ministry of Education, Kubat Chekirov, an education weekly reporter and “Kut Bilim” attended the event.

The two sides held a meeting in the reception room of Ministry of Education Building. An in-depth and constructive exchange had been made between Kyrgyzstan and Shenmo in the cooperation in abacus and academic research. In the future, Shenmo will need 100,000 to 200,000 employees in Russian-speaking countries such as Kyrgyzstan to promote the development of local education. Kyrgyzstan Ministry of Education expressed support for this and would provide the necessary funds and teachers.

4 The Shenmo Study Mission Participated in Academic Exchanges at Alabayev State University and Shenmo General Principal Li Being Was Appointed as Honorary Professor
On June 1st, the study mission was invited to conduct academic exchanges at Alabayev State University in Kyrgyzstan.

The President and Vice President of Alabayev State University and teachers and students of normal speciality attended the meeting. The Principal Li introduced the mathematical value, educational value, and value of the wisdom of Chinese traditional abacus and modern mental arithmetic. At the training site, students and teachers experienced the wonders of the abacus mental math and the importance of learning abacus mental math in the era of Informatization developing rapidly.

After the meeting, Alabayev State University formally appointed Principal Li as honorary professor.

5 Shenmo Officially Put Forward a Global 100-University Collaborative Framework Program

During the meeting between the study mission and the leaders of the Alabayav State University, Alabayev State University showed great interest in the abacus teachers’ training program. President Li also said that he hopes to cooperate with local universities and jointly conduct academic research, promoting the development of abacus mental math education in Russian-speaking countries.

In the follow-up talks, the Shenmo Study Mission further proposed the "Global 100 University Cooperative Framework Program". It plans to fund 100 universities in 100 countries in the world, each university with 10,000 yuan scholarship for 10 students. Each university sends one student to other countries to study and communicate every 3 years (all the universities are in the Framework Program). In this way, students from at least 100 countries will receive world-class cultural exchanges. Alabayev State University will serve as a model school for this project.

Alabayev State University stated that it highly recognizes Shenmo Education and expects more cooperation. It will provide strong support in research centers, venues, training and other aspects. The School of International Relations of the university also stated that it will actively cooperate with the Shenmo in the next step.

6 New Shenmo Branch School in Kyrgyzstan Opened

The study mission visited the new Shenmo branch school in Kyrgyzstan and participated in the opening ceremony and cut the ribbon. The opening of the school will not only promote the further development of the Shenmo branch schools in Kyrgyzstan, but also be the new connection between the Shenmo branch schools in Kyrgyzstan and the Shenmo culture.

7 The Experience Seminar of Kyrgyzstan Shenmo Schools Operation and School Running

In order to promote the stable development of the Shenmo branch school in Kyrgyzstan, Shenmo Education held the experience seminar of Kyrgyzstan Shenmo schools’ operation and school running. At the meeting, representatives of some principals in Kyrgyzstan reported the operation work of their shools. The Principal Li, Prof. Lilly Cheng of Shenmo Consultant and Myanmar Shenmo Principal Xu made an analysis of the school's mode of operation and introduced the experience and wisdom of the operation and development of the International Shenmo schools.

8 Principal Li Was Awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by Educational Institute, Academy of Science, Ministry of Education, Kyrgyzstan

9 The Study Mission Planted Evergreen Trees in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

During the study and visit, the study mission planted the evergreen trees in Astana, the capital city of Kazakhstan and Alabayev State University in Kyrgyzstan.

10 The Study Mission Completed the Shenmo Global Development Framework and Operational Model Framework

During study and visit, Principal Li and the study mission determined the idea of the globalization of Shenmo and completed the construction of the operation and development model of the international Shenmo school. It is of great significance to the development of the internationalization of Shenmo in the future.

This visit will not only have an important significance for the development of Shenmo in Central Asia, but also have a profound impact on the overall internationalization process of Shenmo.