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Award Ceremony of the First "Shenmo Cup" International Little Scholars Online Abacus Mental Math Competition Successfully Held

2020-06-02 丨

The writer is from the Ministry of culture development

On June 1, 2020, China time, also the International Children’s Day, the Award Ceremony of the First "Shenmo Cup" International Little Scholars Online Abacus Mental Math Competition was successfully held, which brought a successful conclusion to this competition.
This competition was organized in a new online form, with a wide range of participating countries and a big number of participants, which was a new attempt made by Shenmo Headquarters and Shenmo schools in various countries under the current new epidemic situation, with the purpose of spreading the abacus culture, promoting cultural exchanges between countries, and helping global children grow up happily.
In order to achieve better results in the competition, participants from various countries, with the help of their teachers, had overcome the impact of the epidemic and kept practice actively at home to prepare well for the competition. In the competition on May 30, more than 1,500 Shenmo players from 13 countries, including China, Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Laos, Nepal, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran, Singapore, Rwanda, Nigeria, and the Netherlands, showed high level of abacus mental math. Xinhua News Agency in China and other domestic and foreign media also conducted reports on this competition.
Before the official start of the Award Ceremony, President Li Mianjun of Shenmo Education, and Dr. Lilly Cheng, the Shenmo International Consultant, sent congratulations and festive wishes to the children via videos.
At the Award Ceremony, the little players received honor and delight, and spent a particularly happy and memorable Children's Day with their friends from different countries. In the current epidemic situation, adhering to the Shenmo concept, the first "Shenmo Cup" online competition was successfully held, which had built a platform for children at home and abroad to grow up happily, face challenge bravely and reach equal exchange, and again closely connected the hearts of global Shenmo people.
Shenmo Hundred-Year Dream, Shining Around the Globe. Shenmo will continue to spread abacus, the world intangible heritage, to the world, to promote mutual exchange and learning among people from different countries, and to provide quality education for children around the world.
Award ceremony of each online venue:

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