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First Shenmo Online Championship for Global Abacus Educators

2020-07-13 丨

The writer is from the Ministry of culture development

First Shenmo Online Championship for Global Abacus Mental Math Educators Successfully Held
In order to enhance the professional quality of global Shenmo abacus mental math teachers, and promote communication among Shenmo teachers around the world, the First Shenmo Online Championship for Global Abacus Mental Math Educators was successfully held on July 9, 2020. The championship was organized through online meeting platform and all participants were divided into 20 separate championship venues. The participating Shenmo abacus mental math teachers came from 14 countries including Myanmar, Malaysia, Laos, Indonesia, Nepal, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Vietnam, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, and China, including 80 international teachers from independent registration, and 52 Chinese teachers selected by the domestic teachers’ competitions.
During the global COVID-19 epidemic, in addition to taking online class to help students study and grow, the global Shenmo teachers also pay attention to their personal growth, including training of teaching skills and improvement of their overall teaching level and comprehensive ability.
The championship is tested and evaluated in terms of "abacus math skill and topic lecture". Before the start of the championship, all participating teachers had conducted a 21-day collective training through online and offline forms to prepare for the championship. Every day, everyone needed to finish different practice offline according to the championship committee’s requirement and report in the online group. Not only in order to achieve good results, but also to achieve comprehensive growth of themselves, promote the growth of students with teachers’ progress, and practice Shenmo's mission of "help people progress".
After 22 years of development, Shenmo has totally entered a new development stage, attaching more importance to the quality of teaching, and the cultivation and improvement of the teachers’ team. Not only domestic Shenmo schools hold a series of teaching ability competitions for teachers, but many abacus teachers at international Shenmo schools are also accumulating teaching experience actively and improving basic teaching ability. The purpose of this championship is to promote the domestic Shenmo teaching experience to the international Shenmo schools, and establish a communication platform for domestic and foreign teachers of abacus mental math, which will improve the teaching ability of international teachers, help domestic teachers to improve their international perspective and inspire them to explore more teaching ideas.
This competition focuses on the first-line abacus mental math teachers and is carried out online, which is not only an innovation, but also the embodiment of the combination of traditional culture and modern technology. In the future, Shenmo will continue to enhance the teaching abilities of global Shenmo teachers, inherit and promote the abacus culture, promote exchanges between different cultures, and help the growth of children from all countries by new technologies and innovative methods.
Below are screen shots of the main venue and separate venues:
Main Venue主会场

Separate Venues 分会场
1. Myanmar, China缅甸、中国
2. Myanmar缅甸
3. Vietnam, China越南、中国
4. Myanmar缅甸
5. Laos, China老挝、中国
6. Indonesia, China印度尼西亚、中国
7. Nepal, Kyrgyzstan, China尼泊尔、吉尔吉斯斯坦、中国
8. Pakistan, China巴基斯坦、中国
9. Myanmar缅甸
10. Myanmar, China缅甸、中国
11. Rwanda, China卢旺达、中国
12. Tanzania, China坦桑尼亚、中国
13. Myanmar, China缅甸、中国
14. Myanmar, China缅甸、中国
15. Myanmar, China缅甸、中国
16. Myanmar缅甸
17. Myanmar, China缅甸、中国
18. Myanmar, China缅甸、中国
19. Myanmar, China缅甸、中国
20. Malaysia, China马来西亚、中国

Moments of giving lectures: