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Shenmo Entrepreneurship Program Online Meeting

2020-11-17 丨

The writer is from the Ministry of culture development

Congratulations on the Successful Holding of the Shenmo Entrepreneurship Program 
Online Meeting


“Abacus connects the world, Shenmo Shines the globe.” On November 13, 2020, Beijing time, the Shenmo Entrepreneurship Program Online Meeting was held successfully!

The online exchange meeting was jointly organized by the International Business Development Department of Shenmo Education and the Chinese Service Center for Foreign Students of the Ministry of Education in Beijing. In total, 85 international students from 41 countries from continents of Africa, Asia and America have signed up for the meeting.
The registered students come from:

A small abacus connects the world. All kinds of calculation methods must come from the practice of human practice, while the abacus, as the world intangible cultural heritage, is gradually attracting the attention of more and more people of the globe. Before the start of this event, the foreign students who signed up received the mysterious gift from Shenmo: an abacus. The exquisite abacus not only made everyone have an physical understanding of this calculation tool, but also greatly stimulated everyone's curiosity and interest.



During the online meeting, Principal Peter of Shenmo Rwanda firstly shared the process of his establishment of Shenmo School in Rwanda, from his first encounter with abacus, to how he became a trainer of abacus mental math, and how he established Shenmo School in his hometown and made the school develop steadily. The foreign students who participated in the meeting showed great interest in Peter's experience and Shenmo abacus, and had a question-and-answer exchange with Peter regarding the practical school-running questions, original intention of doing this career, etc. The teachers of the Shenmo International Business Development Department also shared the general situation of the international development of the abacus mental math and Shenmo Education, and had a pleasant interaction with all the students. In the end of the meeting, the foreign students showed appreciation and said that they would continue to learn more about the abacus and participate in further activities of Shenmo.

Screenshot of part of participants
Rwanda Peter's sharing
Introduction to Abacus Mental Math
Moment of the interaction

Professor Lilly, the international consultant of Shenmo, once said “if you tell me, I may forget; If you show me, I may remember a little bit; But if you involve me, I will remember it for the rest of my life.”
Since 2018, Shenmo has held several overseas entrepreneurship exchange meetings for foreign students in different forms. The global outbreak of COVID-19 has not stopped the international exchange and the spread of abacus culture. Next, we will continue to promote various exchange and social activities for overseas students. Here, we sincerely welcome more international friends to learn about the abacus culture and join in the development of abacus education, so that more children around the world can benefit from it. Together, let’s make the ancient abacus shine the globe in the new era!