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Introduction to Shenmo Education
Shenmo Education was established in 1998 and is headquartered in Beijing, China. Shenmo is committed to providing quality education courses for children around the world. After more than 20 years of development, people who benefit from Shenmo courses are all over the world.
Shenmo is dedicated to enlighten children’s nature and develop their spiritual wisdom. With importance attached to moral education, happy learning and learning ability training, according to the physical and mental characteristics of children in different countries and different ages, Shenmo has independently developed seven courses, Abacus Mental Math, Eloquence, Painting, Calligraphy, 6F Entire Brain Training, Attention Training and English, and has formed a scientific and complete curriculum system.
As of 2020, Shenmo has authorized Shenmo courses in more than 110 countries and regions around the world, and Shenmo schools and Shenmo students are also throughout the world. The abacus has connected the five continents, and the Shenmo abacus mental math course is highly acclaimed worldwide. As the world's intangible cultural heritage, China's ancient wisdom of abacus shows new vitality in the context of globalization. Through learning abacus mental math, countless children at home and abroad have improved their abilities of calculation and concentration, and developed their intelligence and comprehensive abilities.
In Shenmo, various global competitions for children, teaching and research activities for teachers, cultural exchange activities and educational public welfare projects are regularly held every year. In China, more and more international students from all over the world become interested in Shenmo and Shenmo courses. Not a few of them have become members of Shenmo group after graduation, returned to their countries to establish Shenmo schools and start their educational dreams.
Education knows no borders, and global Shenmo people are a family. Shenmo people are walking hand in hand to pass love and wisdom to more people, and create a better future.
Shenmo mission: Help people progress
Shenmo educational philosophy: Equality, Respect, Trust, Admiration, Attention, and Inspiration
Shenmo motto: Virtue and Wisdom, Cultivation and Fulfillment
Shenmo spirit: Sincere, Pragmatic, Innovative and Progressive
Shenmo vision: Shenmo Hundred-year Dream, Shinning Around the Globe
神墨教育理念:平等 尊重 信任 赏识 关注 激励
神墨校训:厚德明智 成己育人
神墨精神:惟真惟实 创展精进
神墨愿景:神墨百年梦  星光耀五洲