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First Shenmo Online Abacus Mental Math Teachers’ Training for Russian-speaking Countries Successfully Held

2021-02-03 丨

The writer is from the Ministry of culture development

First Shenmo Online Abacus Mental Math Teachers’ Training for Russian-speaking Countries Successfully Held
On January 19, 2021, Beijing time, the five-day First Shenmo Online Abacus Mental Math Teachers’ Training for Russian-speaking Countries was successfully concluded. The training was organized and lectured by the Abacus Mental Math Research Institute of Shenmo headquarters, and more than ten teachers from Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan took part in the training and passed the final exam successfully.
Under the influence of the global COVID-19 epidemic, the international teachers’ training was held online. The training revolved around the improvement of teachers' skills, curriculum concept analysis, class management, and teaching methods for different levels. In the free discussion session on the last day, everyone actively discussed how to become an excellent abacus mental math teacher. The five-day training has enhanced the teachers' basic skills and made everyone have a deeper understanding of the Shenmo culture.
Class practice 课堂练习

Part of the training sections 部分环节展示
While based on the headquarters’ training system, the training content this time was adjusted and arranged according to the actual situation and needs of the Russian-speaking Shenmo schools. Most of the participating teachers have 3-5 years of teaching experience, and some of them are new teachers. Before the beginning of the training, participating teachers actively raised questions, such as "how to teach kindergarten children through games ", "how to recruit and manage teachers", "how to recruit and maintain students" and so on. During the training, the trainer of the research institute gave the feedback one by one and shared the experience in China.
At the graduation ceremony on the last day, the teachers gained a lot and shared with each other. First of all, the participants appreciated the Shenmo headquarters, the principals of Kyrgyzstan Shenmo, and the Netherlands Shenmo for their meticulous organization. They showed it was an unforgettable learning experience which even reminded some teachers the memory of learning at school when they were young. What they planned to do next is to keep practicing and apply it to the class. However, some teachers said that the time was limited and they still needed to consolidate and improve a lot. They looked forward to the follow-up training opportunities the headquarters would provide, and hoped that the content would include the further consolidation of the skills, market operation, school management, and so on. 
As the first online training for abacus mental math teachers in Russian-speaking areas, it not only improves the teachers the basic abacus skills, but also enhances teachers' teaching confidence, which is an important measure to motivate and unite the development of Russian-speaking Shenmo schools.
Some of the teachers and their certificates  
In 2020, Shenmo people adapted to the circumstances and carried out all kinds of online activities to meet the current development needs of international Shenmo schools. Global Shenmo people have united together, adhered to the mission of "helping people make progress", strengthened the original intention of education, passed care to each other, and jointly promoted the development of Shenmo schools in different regions. In 2021, in the face of a rapidly changing world, Shenmo headquarters will continue to "hold hands and move forward" with Shenmo schools around the world.