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Award Ceremony of the First Global Online Championship

2020-07-14 丨

The writer is from the Ministry of culture development

Award Ceremony of the First Global Online Championship for Global Abacus Mental Math Educators Successfully Held
On July 13, 2020, Beijing time, the Award Ceremony of the First Global Online Championship for Global Abacus Mental Math Educators was successfully held, marking a successful end for this championship.
A total of 132 teachers from 14 countries participated in this online championship, which is another online international competition held by Shenmo Headquarters after the "First  "Shenmo Cup" International Little Scholars Online Abacus Mental Math Competition. The purpose is to minimize the impact of the pandemic on teachers’ and students’ learning in this period, encourage the growth of teachers and students together, spread the abacus culture, and promote intercultural communication and dialogue.
This championship is tested and evaluated in terms of “abacus math skill and topic lecture”, with 3 awards of "excellent teachers, outstanding teachers, and preeminent teachers". 
At the Award Ceremony, teachers from all over the world received honor, and they also felt bigger responsibility. As a Shenmo teacher, we must educate more children and fulfill the mission of helping hundreds of millions of people progress. Shenmo Headquarters will also work with other countries to actively build various platforms to enhance the teaching ability of global Shenmo teachers, inherit and promote the abacus culture, promote exchanges between different cultures, and provide quality education for children around the world to help the growth of children in the globe.
Group photo of teachers with different awards:
1. The list of Excellent Teachers

2. The list of "Outstanding Teachers"

3. The list of "Preeminent Teachers"

Awarded teachers from various countries: