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Abacus, An Education Method Accessible Around the World

2019-06-11 丨

The writer is from the Ministry of culture development

On May 10, 2019, the second international teacher training of Russian Shenmo was officially launched in Moscow. During the three-day training, 14 Russian Principals and teachers learned the Level I and Level II of Shenmo abacus mental math and the calculation method of abacus multiplication.
Based on the Chinese teacher training system, the teacher training of this time has been adjusted in accordance with the actual situation and the needs of Russian principals to better meet the actual needs of school running in Russia. At present, Russia’s Shenmo School has made substantial progress. Some principals are formally enrolling students.
The smooth promotion of Shenmo abacus mental math in Russia is a reflection of the globalization progress of abacus culture. Now, Shenmo abacus mental math has been running schools in several continents.
In the intrinsic impression of many people, abacus math is a specific product of Chinese culture. In international promotion, abacus math is only popular in East Asian cultural circles which are deeply influenced by China, such as Japan, South Korea, North Korea, and some Southeast Asian countries. The early internationalization pace of Shenmo began in Myanmar, Malaysia, and Singapore. Thanks to their folk abacus background, abacus is easier to be promoted and more culturally acceptable. In countries such as Europe, Africa, and the Americas, which are hardly affected by Chinese culture, the promotion of abacus will be difficult, because abacus can hardly be accepted by local people.
However, with the development and advance of Shenmo internationalization, this concept has also been completely changed. Abacus math can break through the boundaries between cultures, which is determined by its educational value and intellectual value. As a world intangible cultural heritage,  abacus math is an educational method and the spiritual wealth that applies to all human beings.

Abacus Mental Arithmetic has been promoted to more than 100 countries and regions
Abacus has powerful computing, intellectual enlightenment, and education functions; it can help people quickly calculate while enlightening their wisdom and helping them grow up rapidly. In the learning process of the abacus mental math, the human brain will be highly concentrated to collect useful information and discard useless information quickly. It can cultivate children's quality of concentration and perseverance. In children’s education, the abacus mental math can not only improve the calculation ability, but also develop the comprehensive mental ability such as attention, observation, memory, imagination, and judgment.
When visiting the Shenmo Abacus Museum, Mundell, the Nobel Prize winner and “the father of the Euro”, has mentioned that abacus is a breakthrough in changing the basic education of mathematics in European and American countries.
Shenmo has launched abacus mental math education in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. In the process of school running, more and more children from various countries have accepted the education method of abacus mental math and are enjoying the “happy learning” of Shenmo abacus mental math courses. The teaching of abacus mental math cannot be limited to the East Asian cultural circle, because the education value and intellectual enlightenment value of abacus is universal among different cultures.
Just as the evaluation given when abacus was selected for the world's intangible cultural heritage: "Abacus is a major invention in ancient China, and it has experienced a long history of more than 1,800 years with Chinese people. It is known as the oldest computer in the world with its simple calculation tool and unique mathematical connotation.” The abacus has concentrated the wisdom of the Chinese. Its unique mathematical connotation is not a hindrance to international promotion; instead, it can become a window for more people to open up a new cognitive level! Everyone can learn abacus smoothly and feel the charm of abacus and the improvement brought by abacus -- "Where there are people, there can be abacus"
At present, Shenmo Education are not only promoting the abacus culture to the world, but are also inheriting and spreading the abacus culture in China. Abacus math is the spiritual heritage of all human beings. It is also a universal educational tool. It is a responsibility and a consensus to inherit and promote the abacus culture and make the abacus culture a new name card for Chinese culture to the world. We hope to see more people benefit from abacus mental math, and we aim to help people progress!


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