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Shining like a Master--Jerry's Adventure Spirit and Shenmo Shining Star Project

2018-12-17 丨

The writer is from the Ministry of culture development

Shenmo headquarters is receiving a master, who has many titles including the world-famous explorer, holder of several records in polar expedition, special writer of National Geographic magazine, etc.

Opportunity knocks but once. On a Sunday morning, I took a special trip with the International Business Department and visited him.

He impressed me a lot.

He is a senior hiker shining with enthusiasm. 

He temporarily lived in a small courtyard in the narrow South Luogu Lane. Upon arriving, I saw a tall man walking past in the car by chance. I hurriedly opened the car door, when he had already walked far away. He walked back quickly on hearing our call, and then shook hands with us, like old friends at the first meeting.

He is Jerry, wearing a light and short down jacket, a pair of brick red outdoor pants, and a pair of blue, large and soft sneakers crescent like a lovely boat. He loves hiking freely.

Jerry, who is specialized in polar expedition, seems to love everything related to nature, such as snow and winter. “It gives me energy, enthusiasm and strength,” he said.

At the same time, he also likes Chinese tea. "Can I bring the McDonald's drink into the tea shop? I’d like to finish it before going in.” Therefore, we walked halfway back and forth in Wangfujing Street.

Then we went to a teahouse that was quaint and difficult to find. Jerry was excited. He carefully observed every corner of the teahouse, and recorded and learned the tips of making tea--when he tasted a kind of refreshment, he cheered, saying "I can live on it.”

I can hardly imagine how he spent two months in the polar without communication tools.

He lived a simple and even poor life (although he worked as one of the world's top writers). He wanted to buy a strap for his AppleWatch, but he refused to go to the exclusive store--"the elements of the strap are quite simple, so I prefer to buy an imitation in another store at only 10% of the genuine price.”

Jerry knows nothing about cars or clothing, but he had his cognition about art. When he saw the poster we designed for him, he was so excited, saying "I loved it so much!”

When we were in the subway, he told us about the anecdotes of subways around the world, for example, the subway in Moscow is seven times as deep as that of Beijing...

Inner Peace VS Quick Action

In the morning, we accompanied him to visit 798 ArtDist and Wangfujing Street in Beijing. “I am a professional 'walker'”, he said. He curiously measured the city with his footsteps untiringly. He would rather walk over and then walk back than stop.

Strangely, though he walked so fast that the companions could hardly keep up with him, he showed neither urgency nor anxiety. He walked fast in a leisurely way—the curiosity of exploration and the deep love for the world drove him forward.

It is difficult for us to find other people who keep love and enthusiasm so close to the origin of nature out of pure curiosity and a calm and comfortable state of mind.

The inner peace and quick action, as we always mention, derive from love and enthusiasm in fact.

Bravery VS Fear

When we were wandering around 798 ArtDist, we talked about daily life, which was like art and adventure. The farther we walk, the fewer people there are. It takes all the courage to persist and overcome the fear.

Jerry, as an explorer, had much to say about bravery--"Bravery comes along with fear. Those who overcome the fear and still insist are brave; if they are not fearful at all, they cannot be regarded brave either. Bravery and fear are coexisting.

Self-discipline VS Freedom

As an explorer, Jerry's free-spirited atmosphere misled people to think that freedom means doing what they want to do.

However, this is established under certain conditions. The true meaning of sportsmanship: only those who are strict with themselves have freedom. Athletes get up early every day, keep exercising, challenge difficulties confirmedly, and focus themselves on limited points without neglecting the overall situation.

Walking was always the preferred mode of transportation for Jerry. He took the stairs rather than escalator each time, when I stood on the long escalator of a subway station, seeing Jerry stepping up from the stairs next to it easily. I even felt a little shamed.

The spirit of adventure, the will of challenge, and the courage of never-ending hiking blend into his blood and bones, forming his perspective and thinking, with which he simply and effectively views the world and nature, and builds his inner and spiritual world.

Talking with Jerry for one moment is much better than reading books for ten years--we often think that masters will tell us the truth, but in fact, they are the truth, fresh and vivid truth.

They always have the original vitality and constant enthusiasm, shining people around it like the sun.

Their energy is infectious. It is a great power, showing great love and the pursuit of advancement. I had never met such people until I got to know Professor Lilly and Jerry.

The true meaning of shining stars is to make ourselves the stars to shine others. We need to learn how to act quickly while staying calm, how to choose between courage and fear, and how to gain freedom through self-discipline;

meanwhile, we need a seed deep in the soul--no matter how the reality deceives us into developing towards indulgence or compromise, the seed in our heart is always bathing in the sun and grows healthily; finally, we will live the life we want.


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