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The Original Aspiration--A Powerful Force

2019-03-14 丨

The writer is from the Ministry of culture development

​President Xi Jinping once said: remain true to our original aspiration. Exactly!
Everyone thinks so, but what I want to say is that it's more affirmative than “exactly”. It reveals a truth -the original aspiration is a powerful force.
You may think that career success comes from good opportunities and thoughtful planning; even the smooth going of a small thing owes to your detailed plan. But it’s not always true.
We usually make plans for the goals we pursue, whether at work or in life. But the results are not always what we want. Sometimes we can get through the difficulties and finally achieve the goal.
But often, we are only enthusiastic and motivated at the beginning, but fail to persist till the end, not to mention the success. We may think, it is easier said than done.
Because the truth said so. Sometimes, no matter how hard we tried to modify the program and optimize the structure, the feeling of "lack of motivation and mental efforts" will become a real obstacle to hinder the advancement of things.
What is the original aspiration?
Remembering the original aspiration and sticking to it can directly determine whether we can always maintain a steady stream of dynamic vitality, which brings strength to our hard work.
On the contrary, forgetting the original aspiration means that this is the end of this matter, no matter how wonderful its plan is, or how detailed its procedure is.
So what is the original aspiration? It is the desire that you had in the first place. It’s hard to remain true to our original aspiration. In fact, the seeking of original aspiration before that is not easy as well.
Recall the moment you first met Shenmo, how did you feel in your heart? For example, when you saw the recruitment notice of Shenmo, or a web page about Shenmo, or when you just came to Shenmo to see the scene here, How did you feel? The most important thing is, is there a trace of desire in your mind?
This very trace of desire is very close to your original aspiration. It could be “I want to work here and achieve something”, “the children and teachers here are really harmonious, and I want to stay.” or "this will be my new stage."...
We may not realize that the trace of desire has driven us through a journey of life and has made the fleeting thought at that time come true.
Under the guidance of our original aspiration, we have made plans, intentionally or unintentionally, to overcome various difficulties.
The original aspiration springs from the pursuit of someone or something, which could be an honor, a proof, or a belief, an ambition, a great ideal, or even a mission concerning the destiny of mankind. All original aspiration of different dimensions will blossom and yield life of different state.
On the long road of life, the original aspiration always accompanies our growth. Thanks to it, we are given the courage and strength to overcome all obstacles and realize the ultimate dream.
Yin Yuzhen, the fighter against sandstorm, and her husband have planted trees for 15 years in the desert. Though defeated by sandstorms for many times, they still insisted on starting from scratch, turning the old barren land into a "green kingdom". Their indomitable resilience is worthy of our learning.
Then, why is the original aspiration so easy to be forgotten? Because all kinds of temptations have distracted us, and arrogance and smug satisfaction have obscured our heart.
It is not easy to notice the original aspiration, so it is hard to hold on to it. People tend to go with the stream and follow their heart. When they encounter all kinds of temptations, they tend to forget the original aspiration and let their heart get hypnotized. To some extent, it one person has forgotten his original aspiration, he has lost himself.
Those who can remain true to their original aspiration can keep their eyes on the target and temper themselves in reality. They all have strong and undisturbed will. The persistence of original aspiration reflects an attitude, a state of awareness, i.e., knowing what you are doing and what you want to do, and an ability to perceive the trace of desire in your heart.
If you can't really realize the true state and appeal of your heart, it's certainly not easy to stick to it.
So how can we remain true to our original aspiration? The original aspiration is rooted in your heart. So first, you need to get a clear understanding of your heart and cultivate your heart. The essence of the original aspiration is a belief, a wish, or even an ideal, an ambition, or a mission.
When you seek benevolence, you will be benevolent. Getting a clear understanding of your heart is to know what is the most important thing to you, what you really like and really want to do, which could be braveness, loyalty, sincerity or happiness.
Ask yourself deeply from the heart, what exactly did you think at the beginning, and what was the simple desire about?
The more selfless and extensive the original aspiration is, the more powerful and enduring it will be, and the more force it will bring us. In many cases, our original aspiration longs for the light, but it tarnishes and corrupts in practice, like many entrepreneurs, who initially pursue the ideal of devoting for the country and the people but fall into dispute of interests instead. In our cases, many teachers are filled with aspiration at first, but didn’t insist.
After recognizing the original aspiration, it’s also necessary for us to protect it.
It requires us not to fear failure and maintain a clear sense of self-consciousness. In fact, when we really know what to do, we will break open a way through bramble and thistle, with our heart filled with enthusiasm. This is just like that a person who has strict requirements for himself will never allow himself to be satisfied with the existing state of affairs and reluctant to move forward.
The same is true of life. The best thing is nothing more than returning to one’s original nature after a long journey.


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