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Shenmo Shinning Around the Globe, Abacus Connecting the World Cross-cultural Communication Project for Shenmo Global Star Students Launched

2020-07-17 丨

The writer is from the Ministry of culture development

In 2013, the abacus math was included in the list of Human Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. The millennial wisdom of abacus is moving towards modernization and towards the world, and more and more people have appreciated the immortal charm of abacus culture.
So far, Shenmo has authorized institutions in more than 110 countries and regions to promote abacus mental math. From Asia to Europe, from Africa to the America, Shenmo stars shines around the globe and abacus connects the world. Through a small abacus, we spread culture, wisdom and friendship, and bring young children together from all over the world. Love and wisdom have no borders. For 22 years, caring about humanity and enlightening the mind, Shenmo has always been committed to providing high-quality educational services for children around the world through abacus mental math and other Shenmo courses.
In order to better promote the happy growth of Shenmo abacus mental math students, enhance the friendship and interaction with Shenmo students and their families in different countries, and accelerate the development of multicultural exchanges in the world, the “Cross-cultural Communication Project for Shenmo Global Star Students” is officially launched according to Shenmo internationalization development strategy.
The project was initiated by Shenmo international consultant Professor Lilly Cheng and President Li Mianjun of Shenmo Education, who are also going to be the consultants of the project. And it will be promoted jointly by global Shenmo elite principals and elite teachers, Shenmo Abacus Mental Math Research Institute, Shenmo International Business Department, Shenmo Cultural Development Department and other individuals. The project is committed to creating an international platform for interaction and growth for Shenmo global abacus mental math elite students.
The program will select and invite Shenmo elite students and parents from different countries in the world to form the "Dialogue Group" to communicate with each other in various ways to achieve experiential cross-cultural communication, thereby helping Shenmo students from all over the world to grow better.
Under the situation of the global pandemic, in the early stage of the project, we are going to organize online topic communication or daily communication for Shenmo students and their parents from different countries with different cultural background. The communication content will cover abacus mental math, language learning, educational concepts, cultural customs and humanistic customs and so on. Various offline communication and activities with different forms will also be organized in the future.
The "Cross-cultural Communication Project for Shenmo Global Star Students” is a public welfare education project, adhering to the educational concept of “Equality, Respect, Trust, Admiration, Attention, and Inspiration”. The Shenmo Global principals and elite teachers will work together to ensure the implementation of the project. At present, the recruitment of the first batch of star students has started, and the project will be continuously improved and  optimized during the implementation process.
Shenmo Hundred-year Dream, Shinning Around the Globe. Following the implementation of the "Cross-cultural Communication Project for Shenmo Global Star Students", the Shenmo internationalization development is constantly moving towards a new stage. Every child is a shinning star. With“Help people progress”, “Shinning Stars”,“Cultivation and Fulfillment”in our heart, Shenmo people are heading forward on the road of hundred-year Shenmo.