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Teacher’s Love, the Soul of Shenmo —A Letter from President Li Mianjun to Shenmo Teachers and Global Shenmo People

2020-09-10 丨

The writer is from the Ministry of culture development

Global Shenmo colleagues:
Greeting to you all!
Today is the 36th Teacher’s Day of China. This is the most important festival in the heart of Shenmo people. Because of the epidemic, this Teacher’s Day is destined to be extraordinary.
On September 8, China’s commendation conference for fight against the COVID-19 epidemic was held in Beijing. In the past eight months, the Chinese people, from people’s heroes to medical staff and ordinary folks, united together with people from all over the world to fight against the COVID-19 epidemic courageously.
Every Shenmo teacher is a participant and witness of this period of history.
Since the issuance of the “Prayer and Blessings to the New Year”, Shenmo people around the world will bravely shoulder their responsibilities as educators and focus on growth and dedication. At the beginning of the epidemic, Shenmo donated over two million yuan to the Red Cross Society of China, each cent of had embodied the love of every Shenmo teacher. Love united us together. Actions speak louder than words. During the epidemic, Shenmo people never stopped creating new possibilities. Shenmo teachers, together with many outstanding educators, showed greatness in the ordinary.
For more than 200 days, Shenmo teachers cared for their students as their own children on line. They actively participated in all sorts of on-line meetings and training and opened their hearts in on-line talks. In the face of the pressure of the epidemic, they put aside their gains and losses and chose to overcome the difficulties with the school. They volunteered to serve the living community in the fight against COVID-19, spreading love, warmth and positive energy to the surrounding. I want to take this occasion to salute all Shenmo teachers. Congratulations to your progress and breakthroughs in the fight against COVID-19, and thank you for your persistence in and contribution to education.
The sudden epidemic has once again closely linked the hearts of Shenmo people around the world. After five months of on-line work, Nigerian Shenmo School re-opened a few days ago, and the teachers there shared their joy with us. At that moment, the emotion of pleasure spread across nations and regions.
Education transcends borders, and it allows the transmission and continuation of love with no boundaries.
Not only had the epidemic not affected the teaching enthusiasm of Shenmo teachers from all over the world, it also inspired new creations of Shenmo. On-line Abacus Mental Math Competition, Online Championship for Global Abacus Mental Math Educators, Debriefing Meeting for International Principals, Energized Alliance of Global Shenmo Elites, dialogues with international guests ... through these activities, the hearts of Shenmo people all over the world have linked together closely. Having experienced the test of the epidemic, we have become stronger and more confident in the international popularization of abacus mental math education and the internationalization of Shenmo. “Appreciate the culture/values of others as do to one’s own, and the world will become a harmonious whole.”; this is the eternal hope of Shenmo people.
2020 is a milestone year for Shenmo’s development, as we are going through changes of a kind unseen in a century.
Looking to the future, we are not afraid of challenges. In the post-epidemic era, the career of Shenmo people will continue to move forward firmly in the direction of “Large Scale, Excellent Quality, Famous Brand, Strong Values, Noble Soul”, and the growth of Shenmo people will enter a new stage--the construction of “spiritual monument”. Standing at a new historical starting point, we need to remember and hold our original aspirations and stick to the principle of being a teacher.
“Teacher is the model of people.” As a teacher, the teachers’ code of morality is the foundation. Great learning makes a teacher; moral integrity makes a model. The scene of Shenmo’s founding in 1998 is still vivid in my mind. Over the past 22 years, Shenmo has been growing and expanding ceaselessly. I often recall the first four Shenmo students and the pure thought that came up in my mind when I was an abacus mental math teacher--inherit abacus mental math and develop children’s wisdom and nature. That thought is my original aspiration and the source of strength for Shenmo’s development.
In this festival that belongs to us, I’d like to encourage Shenmo people around the world with verses of Chinese predecessors:
“What makes the pond so limpid, you wonder? Because it is sourced by flowing water.” Educating with a pure heart is the flowing water at the source of the strength of Shenmo people. May we always remain true to our original aspiration and press ahead.
“One should not be lazy in reading and learning, as the time flies and never rests.” The growth-focused concept is the essence of the wisdom of Shenmo people. Shenmo will upgrade the wisdom. Let’s seize the day and live it to the full.
“In the face of all blows, not bending low, it still stands fast. Whether from east, west, south or north the wind doth blast.” In the turbulent times, righteous thoughts and actions prevent interference. Let’s face difficulties and walk through storms.
“Spring silkworms spin till death, running out of yearning thread; Burning candles weep, till no more tears they can shed.” Let’s continue practicing the Shenmo mission of “helping people progress”, accomplish ourselves, educate and benefit Others, and realize the grand vision of “full internationalization” of Shenmo.
Let the teacher’s love be the soul of Shenmo. Let’s work together to create a better future.
Happy Teacher’s Day to Shenmo people and all educators!
——Li Mianjun in Beijing, 
September 10, 2020