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First Shenmo Online Abacus Mental Math Training for International Students in China Successfully Concluded

2020-12-17 丨

The writer is from the Ministry of culture development

On December 11, the First Shenmo Online Abacus Mental Math Training for International Students in China successfully concluded. In this training, more than a dozen international students from different countries gathered again online to participate in the four-day abacus mental math training organized by Shenmo Headquarters, systematically learning abacus mental math skills and educational concepts. It was a further in-depth training after the previous two online exchange activities.

During the training process, the students actively participated in online practice every day, completed offline homework, and finally obtained certificates after the final test. The four days of focused learning and experience made every participating student gain a lot. Some students shared their learning insights and gains, and expressed their expectation to participate in Shenmo's next-step exchange activities.
Final test 珠心算考核
Students with digital certificates 学生手持电子证书
Learning gains 学习感言
Since mid-November, Shenmo International Business Department has successfully held three online activities for international students, with more than 30 participants from more than a dozen countries including Morocco, Sudan, Eritrea, Pakistan, Bolivia, Mali, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, etc.
What is abacus? What is abacus mental math? When every student who signed up the first online exchange meeting in China received the exquisite abacus presented by Shenmo, a question mark appeared in their minds. With such curiosity and questions, the international students and Shenmo jointly embarked on an unforgettable journey of Chinese abacus culture.
The content of the activities is advancing step by step. Through three sessions of "entrepreneurship exchange meeting-abacus mental math experience class-abacus mental math training", international students are guided to deepen their understanding of Shenmo and abacus mental math education.

The online communication during the epidemic brought each other closer together through an abacus in everyone's hands. The international students not only experienced the charm of Chinese abacus culture, but also learned more about Shenmo, established a deep friendship with Shenmo, and generated the ideas and beliefs to let abacus mental math education help more children in the world . An international student expressed his opinion on abacus when sharing: "Abacus is an old knowledge, yet vital for new generation.
Abacus belongs to not only China, but also the world. For a long time, Shenmo has been committed to strengthening connection with international students in China, and continuously promoting the abacus culture to the world. At the same time, Shenmo has already promoted many international students to realize their entrepreneurial dreams to open Shenmo schools in their countries, and bring wisdom and joy to children in their own countries.
The ancient abacus allows Shenmo to build a bridge between Shenmo and the world. Shenmo people are willing to work with more international friends to let the abacus shine in the light of the new era and create splendid scenery in the world.