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“Shenmo Cross-cultural Dialogue for Shenmo Global Stars” in Progress

2021-02-03 丨

The writer is from the Ministry of culture development

“Shenmo Cross-cultural Dialogue for Shenmo Global Stars” in Progress
Since the launch of the “Shenmo Cross-cultural Dialogue for Shenmo Global Stars” in late July 2020, the Shenmo star students have continued to communicate by online platform. In the meetings once every two weeks, the students have gained friendship and grown up happily around different themes.  
Since October, nine Shenmo star students from Rwanda, Kyrgyzstan, Singapore, Nepal, the Netherlands and China have joined a series of dialogues on topics such as “my family”, “how my parents and I get along with each other”, “where I  like to go together with my family ”, “festivals and movies I like”, etc.
Our families 我们的家庭
Rwanda 卢旺达
Kyrgyzstan 吉尔吉斯斯坦
Singapore 新加坡
Nepal 尼泊尔
The Netherlands 荷兰

China 中国
In the dialogues, the students introduced their families to other members and involved their families in the dialogues; they shared their parents' ways of getting along with themselves, their parents' educational styles, and the family activities that they often do together. In particular, the way of education varies from different families. When some kids make mistakes, their parents often first make sure the objective situation and guide them to make the right choices, and when the kids make achievements, their parents would learn the specific efforts behind the achievements and give their recognition. Some families pay attention to each other's private space and free and equal communication. They are more like friends. Some families focus on building a sense of trust in each other and guide the kids to be confident and independent. With the development and deepening of the topic, we have learned about the different family cultures in the world and have a clearer understanding of each other.
Family activities 家庭活动
Niva from Nepal likes going hiking with her families and friends.
来自尼泊尔的Niva 喜欢和家人朋友徒步。
Brianna and Belinda from Singapore often go to Sentosa with families.

Kaimi from the Netherlands likes playing football with families and friends.

Ren Junyu from China likes scenic spots or activities with themes, such as candy houses, amusement parks, skiing, playing CS games.
In addition, the students also introduced their own country to each other, talked about their country's traditional festivals, traditional culture and local customs, and shared their favorite films and television clips, to make us learn about the different festivals and the multiculturalism.
Rwanda family often make some delicate and delicious food in festivals, like cakes, biscuits, etc.

Kyrgyzstan family shared the Nooruz and the Ak Kalpak.
Singapore family shared the grand occasion of the celebration on National Day.

Nepal family shared different festivals with their own characteristics, eg. Dasai, Dihala, Indra Jatra, Holi. They also shared their own national holiday costumes.

Chinese family shared the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Dragon Boat Festival, together with the legends and customs of the festivals.
In addition to the above festivals, Nepal and Rwanda also introduced the local culture by videos.
At the moment of the epidemic, children exchanged different topics through the Internet, got to know each other and broadened the horizon. Through this platform, they have seen different scenery, experienced the richness of the world, and more importantly, obtained precious friendships. We believe that the kids will have more courage and wisdom on the road of growth, and their future will be full of hope.
“Shenmo Hundred-year Dream, Shinning Around the Globe.” Adhering to the educational concept of "Equality, Respect, Trust, Admiration, Attention and Inspiration", the “Shenmo Cross-cultural Dialogue for Shenmo Global Stars” aims to bring happy growth to Shenmo international students, and promote the multi-cultural exchanges among Shenmo students and their families in the world in the process of Shenmo's international development.
Every child is a shinning star. With “Help people progress”, “Shinning Stars”, “Cultivation and Fulfillment” in our heart, Shenmo people are heading forward on the road of hundred-year Shenmo.